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If you have a business, website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, a bunch of friends, or clients you can reach by email, you can make $$$ with our program. In fact, any Canadian car-related content or services, such as car insurance, financing, mechanics, used car market places and/or any car enthusiasts are a great match for our platform.  Simply enrol here, use our banners or links to share with your customers or friends, and get monthly checks.

As a PCS affiliate, you become an independent promoter of our services. This page will become your affiliate dashboard.  You can login to your account at any time to review your page visits, transaction statistics, and revenue earned for any given date range.  You will earn 10% of net per customer price for each referred customer. Net price is calculated based on the fee paid by the customer minus any promotional offers and government fees and taxes. To set up your referral links on your website, you will have several banner designs from which to choose. You have an absolute freedom to manage your online presence and incorporate links to our platform on your website wherever you see fit.

We are the first private car sales transactions support service in Canada.  We can help our customers with many car purchases and sale-related issues.  Please review our website for more information.

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After you register, your request will be reviewed by one of our team members and we will contact you to set you up!

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