Remove The Stress From Buying Privately


Leslie's Story

I moved from Winnipeg to Toronto and needed to buy a car for my job.  I first shopped online from dealerships but prices seemed to be inflated.  I eventually found a fairly priced Toyota I liked on Kijiji.  Except, I was not really sure what I was supposed to do next.  Did I need an inspection?  What documents would I need to register the car?  I had no experience, as in Manitoba the rules are completely different.  The seller was not being very helpful either, it was his first time selling a car directly. I was about to change my mind and go to a dealer who can deal with all this nuisance, but then I saw an add on Kijiji about Private Car Sales helping with the transactions.  I checked it out and told the seller to have a look too.  We both signed up and we got a lot of help and guidance, the steps became clear and they even produced the bill of sale.  I even opted for financing and got my car financed at a good rate (I thought I had to pay in cash when buying privately!).  Overall, it was a very positive experience.