Registering A Car In Ontario

Car Title Registration

Document Checklist

Below are the documents you will need to send to our office.  After you fill out this form, we will send you detailed instructions via email explaining how to do it.

Signed Original Application For Vehicle Transfer This document is provided to you by the seller/previous owner of the vehicle. It is found on the back of the seller's green vehicle ownership permit, under the vehicle portion. It has to be signed by the seller and cannot be a copy.

Vehicle Transfer

Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) The seller is legally required to give you the UVIP. It contains information about the car, registered liens and estimated value for tax purposes. It also has a Bill of Sale portion that you can use as the purchase agreement. If you don't have the UVIP, we will obtain it for you at the Service Ontario during the vehicle registration.


Original Signed Bill Of Sale This is the contract between you and the seller. It has to be signed by both you and the seller, and must contain your address, date of the transaction, VIN of the vehicle and agreed purchase price. The UVIP also contains the Bill of Sale portion that you can use or you can generate your own Bill of Sale with the required information.

Bill of Sale

Original Safety Standard Certificate A safety standards certificate confirms that your car met the minimum safety standards on the date the certificate was issued. You can buy and register a car without a safety standards certificate, but cannot put plates on a car without it. Sometimes the seller will provide you with a recent SSC (must be less than 36 days) . Or you can have the car inspected by an inspection station. You can read more on our FAQ page.

Safety Standard Certificate

Car Insurance You have to have a proof of insurance to register a car in Ontario.

Car Insurance
It looks like you are still missing some important documents.

You may wish to proceed anyway, complete the form and send us your documents when you are ready.  In the alternative, you can come back and finish the form when you complete the transaction with the seller and obtain the necessary documents.

Do you still wish to proceed?