Register A Used Car In Ontario 

Within 6 days of buying a used car, you have to register it in person at a Service Ontario or … LET US DO IT FOR YOU!

Step 1

Finalize The Transaction With The Seller

Step 2

Obtain Insurance And Safety Certificate

Step 3

Prepaid Courier Picks Up Your Documents

Step 4

Receive Your Registration and Plates Via Courier

Finalize The Transaction With The Seller

To register your car, you will need certain original documents from the seller, namely i) used vehicle information package (UVIP), ii) original portion of the vehicle permit (green slip) and iii) the bill of sale with original signatures.  

Obtain Insurance And Safety Certificate

In addition to collecting the necessary documents from the seller, you will need to do two more things in order to register your car: i) obtain a car insurance and ii) have your car inspected for safety (unless the seller provided you with a valid safety certificate already).  You can learn more about how to obtain a Safety Standard Certificate on our FAQ page.

Courier Picks Up Your Documents

Once you have all you original documents in one place, we send you a shipping label for a courier to pick up the documents and deliver them to us.  We will communicate via email so you will know exactly what to expect.  We then register your car for you.

Receive Your Registration Via Courier

After we do all the heavy lifting for you, we courier your registration documents together with the license plates (unless you use your old ones) to you and you are ready to start driving your car!  Our process only takes a few business days and you benefit from avoiding the long lines at a Service Ontario Centre.

Why register your car with us?

Because we make it fast and simple!

Registering a used car in Ontario is a daunting process – from following the many required steps and gathering all the documents, the long wait lines at Service Ontario and finding time to do it all within 6 short days! Luckily, you now have an alternative.  We are a document facilitation service business and our goal is to make your life as simple as possible.  We guide you through the requirements, we help arranging a pick up of what’s necessary directly from your door and we deal with long lines at Service Ontario.  Then in a couple of business days, you receive your vehicle permit (green permit), licence plates and licence plate stickers by courier.

Ready to start?