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We make the private car buying and selling process fast and easy!

We make your private car buying or selling process smooth and safe, like your next ride!  Whether you are buying or selling, let’s us help you so that you avoid dealing with dealers and their hidden fees!  We can assist with document gathering, information exchange, bill of sale and even register the car for the buyer!  With our support and services, you will feel confident that you are following the proper steps to avoid any potential pitfalls associated with selling and buying your car privately.

Let us help you navigate car buying and selling!

Why work with us?

Most people default to a dealer when purchasing or selling a used car. Transacting with a dealer is usually simple and avoids most of the complexity associated with car selling. However, this comes with a steep price – the seller loses 10-30% of the price to the dealer.

Selling and buying privately is almost invariably financially more rewarding for both, the seller and the buyer. The seller can cash out much more from a private buyer than any dealer would offer. This gives the seller more flexibility on the price and the buyer can negotiate a better deal directly with the seller.

Unfortunately, because of the transactional complexity, coupled with the safety concerns associated with the “unknown”, buyers and sellers often forego the financial benefit and go straight to the dealer, who ends up benefiting the most. But…

… now you have another option…

We have developed a system to guide you step by step through the transaction, help you obtain all necessary documents to close the sale/purchase successfully, give you safety tips along the way, and simplify the entire process so you are confident about what you are doing – all this for a fraction of what you would give up to a dealer!

How we are helping...

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David's Story

I bought my car from my friend and neighbour and when we were researching online about how to transfer and register it, we came across Private Car Sales.  I never bought a used car and never registered the car by myself, so I had no idea what to do.  I liked the idea of someone doing it for me and found PCS.  The PCS agent was really helpful in explaining all documents I needed and helped me to book the courier pick up. In a couple of days I received the car registration documents and even my new plates via courier!  It was pretty smooth and fast, I expected I had to do it myself, so it was a  nice surprise someone actually does this.  Thank you!

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Linda's Story

I bought my first car during Covid.  I have immune issues so I was quite worried about taking public transit and decided to buy a car.  I looked at various platforms, and finally found a car I liked on Kijiji.  The seller was a private seller, not a dealer.  When I contacted her, she sent me this code - that was the first time I heard of Private Car Sales.  I used the link from the seller to access the documents about the car.  I thought it was pretty useful, instead of emailing documents, having a link with everything together.  It was kind of like a house listing, but a car.  I also decided to purchase a history report which the seller did not provide.  I would highly recommend the PCS.  I liked how they helped with the documents.  Certainly worth the money.  I also think I got a good deal, buying from a private seller.  I checked the similar cars with dealers and I probably saved around $2,000.

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Jo's Story

As a real estate agent, I lease a new car every couple of years.  Every time my lease is up, I have the same conversation with the dealer - I hesitate whether instead of handing the car to the dealer, I should just buy it out and sell privately.  Usually, the buyout is 10-15K lower than what I could get on the market, since I just drive around the city and don't have much mileage.  The dealer always does everything possible to discourage me from selling privately - last time he told me that the process was too complicated and it was not safe.  I caved in for years, except this year!  I bought out the car at the end of the lease and used the PCS process.  They helped me through the transactions, it was all pretty easy and netted almost 12K! I am certainly planning to do this every time from now on.


5 stars

Jonathan Blythe

Best support if you want to sell privately!

5 stars

Linda Ng

I sold for 3K more than what a dealer offered!

5 stars

Mila Silvan

Got my car registered without leaving my home!

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