Selling or buying a used car in Manitoba

At this time, we do not assist with the private car sales transactions in Manitoba; however, we are exploring the possibilities.  In the meantime, here is the information on what you need to do to sell or buy a car in Manitoba privately. 

Selling your vehicle

You need to take several steps when selling your vehicle privately. You and the buyer need to fill out the following documents together:

  • The Transfer of Ownership (TOD), which proves that you own the vehicle.  It will be required when the buyer registers the vehicle. The TOD document can be found on the back of the vehicle’s registration.
  • A written bill of sale describing the vehicle’s year, make, model, serial number, and the agreed selling price. Both seller and the buyer should keep one original. You can write your own bill of sale, or download MPIC’s template below.

You also need to provide the buyer with your valid Certificate of Inspection (COI) or let them know they will need to have the vehicle inspected before they can register and insure it.  The link to the inspection stations can be found below.  After the sale is complete, remove your licence plates and cancel your Autopac insurance coverage on the sold vehicle.

Completing the TOD

The seller must fill in the date and odometer reading and sign in the space provided. The buyer must also sign. After completion, the seller separates the registration card, keeping the left portion and giving the right portion (TOD) to the purchaser to present when the vehicle is re-registered.

Buying a vehicle

You may want to consider having the vehicle inspected by a mechanic before you buy, and purchasing a vehicle history to confirm the vehicle’s history within and outside of Manitoba.  You can buy a vehicle history report here.   

You should always check to see if anyone else, other than the legal owner, has a financial interest in the vehicle (liens search).  

If you buy a used vehicle privately without a valid Certificate of Inspection from the seller, you can either tow your vehicle or get a permit through an Autopac agent to drive it directly to an inspection station. 


Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation (MPIC) administers public auto insurance (Autopac), motor vehicle registration and driver licensing in Manitoba.  To register a vehicle you have bought privately in Manitoba, you’ll need the following:

  • Bill of Sale that states: date purchased, vehicle’s model year, make, model and serial number; purchase price; purchaser’s name(s); seller’s name(s); purchaser’s signature(s), and seller’s signature(s).
  • A signed TOD from the previous owner.
  • Valid Certificate of Inspection issued by a Manitoba vehicle inspection station.

Usually, you’ll have to register and insure your car before you drive it. Check with MPI or an Autopac agent before driving the vehicle to be sure you have the necessary coverage.

You can transfer the licence plates from your currently registered vehicle to your newly acquired vehicle when both vehicles are in the same registration class and you’ve disposed of the registered vehicle

When your replacement vehicle is in a different registration class, you must report the change to an Autopac outlet before driving the vehicle. You’ll receive a new registration card and new plates, or a special sticker to put on your current plates.

Your Autopac agent will collect RST (7%) when you register your vehicle.  For passenger cars, light trucks and vans, RST is calculated on the greater of the vehicle’s purchase price and its average wholesale. The annual vehicle registration fee for non-commercial vehicles is $129.

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