Selling or buying a used car in New Brunswick

At this time, we do not assist with the private car sales transactions in New Brunswick; however, we are exploring the possibilities.  In the meantime, below is the information on what you need to do to sell or buy a car in New Brunswick privately.  

Buying a used vehicle

  • Check the registration status and vehicle history with Service New Brunswick before purchasing. You can also buy a VINAudit vehicle history report here.
  • Verify that there are no liens on the vehicle to ensure that a third party is not owed money for the vehicle. You can check for any liens with the Personal Property Registry System.
  • Consider bringing the vehicle to a mechanic to have them inspect the vehicle for damage before you purchase it. 


Car Insurance is mandatory in New Brunswick.  Insurance products can only be sold by parties licensed with Financial and Consumer Services Commission of NB. You can verify that the person selling your insurance policy is licensed by checking the Insurance Licence Database.

The minimum coverage required is $200,000. Rates vary based on the type of vehicle being insured.


After buying a used car in New Brunswick, the buyer has 14 days to register it.

To obtain a motor vehicle registration for a used car, the registrant must submit a description of the vehicle to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.  The following information must be provided:

  • the make and the model of vehicle
  • type of body of the vehicle
  • the serial or identification number of the vehicle
  • whether the vehicle is new or used

The Registrar of Motor Vehicles upon registering a vehicle will issue a registration certificate.

Selling a used vehicle

As a seller, you must complete and sign a section on the back of the car registration certificate. You give the vehicle portion (transfer) to the buyer, and keep the plate portion of the registration permit for yourself. You will use this plate portion if you decide to put your licence plates on a new vehicle.  

You must remove your licence plates from the vehicle you sold. You can re-use the plates for your next vehicle or you can return them to the registration office. You should never leave the plates on the vehicle for the buyer.  

Transfer of the vehicle

The seller provides the transfer portion of the registration certificate to the buyer.  The transfer must be signed by the registered owner (seller). The purchaser’s name, address and date of birth are required on the transfer document. The buyer must submit the registration certificate and have the vehicle transferred into their name at any issuing office of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (Service NB). If the purchaser cannot be present, they must provide written authorization to have someone act on their behalf.  The vehicle cannot be driven until the registration certificate is recorded in the new purchaser’s name.

All  registered  motor  vehicles are required to  undergo  an  annual safety  inspection  at  a licensed inspection  station.

FEES and TAXES: The collection of sales tax and motor vehicle fees is required at the time of transfer.  The fees range from $61 to $189 (depending on the weight) and the sales tax is 15%. 

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