Selling and buying a used car in Saskatchewan

At this time, we do not assist with the private car sales transactions in Saskatchewan; however, we are exploring the possibilities. In the meantime, here is the information on what you need to do to sell or buy a car privately in Saskatchewan: 

When buying/selling a used car that was registered in Saskatchewan before, the parties have to complete the Transfer of Ownership form, which can be found on the seller’s Certificate of Registration (the 3rd section). The vehicle information the seller and buyer need is already there. Then, the buyer and seller have to follow these steps:

  • The seller completes the remaining information and gives it to the buyer. 
  • The buyer takes the form to a motor licence issuer to have the vehicle registered in their name.

For cars that were registered outside of Saskatchewan, the buyer has to do a vehicle inspection and the parties have to sign a bill of sale (as there is no Saskatchewan’s Certificate of Registration that contains the Transfer of Ownership form).  You can also purchase a car history report here.

A bill of sale needs to include this information:

  • date of sale
  • name of buyer
  • vehicle’s year, make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • the paid price
  • name, address and signature of the seller

Registering a car

To register a used car in Saskatchewan, the buyer has to visit a motor licence issuer. To register, the buyer must:

  • prove he or she is the owner of the vehicle with the buyer’s name on the proof of ownership documents (Transfer of Ownership or Bill of Sale)
  • have an insurable interest in the vehicle
  • provide a valid proof of vehicle inspection if the car is out of province


Saskatchewan auto insurance comes in two parts:

  • Basic minimum coverage – Is required by law and is purchased at the same time you pay for your licence plates and vehicle registration. This coverage is compulsory and is provided by SGI.
  • Additional coverage – Sometimes referred to as extended auto insurance, a package policy, or an AutoPak, additional coverage is tailored to your needs and is provided on a separate auto insurance policy. This important protection may be purchased from the insurance company, broker or agent of your choice.


Used vehicles purchased privately for personal use with a purchase price of $5,000 or less are exempt from provincial sales tax.  For vehicles with a purchase price greater than $5,000, the provincial sales tax applies on the full purchase price.  The exemption is based on the purchase price or the Red Book value, whichever is the greatest (Note: Red Book value is an industry valuation of vehicles newer than 10 years; it is used to determine the wholesale value of vehicles.).  If there is no Red Book value, then determination of tax will be based on purchase price.

Private sales of used vehicles registered for commercial use, as well as dealer sales of used vehicles, are not eligible for the $5,000 exemption.

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