Sell Your Car Without Dealer FeesDid you know that when you sell your car to a dealer, you are giving up 10-30% of the cash you could keep in your pocket if you sold your car directly to a private buyer? A lot of sellers are discouraged by the complexity and potential confusion associated with the selling process, but that's where we step in!


Sam's Story

I was selling my BMW.  I checked on a dealer website and I got a quote of 27K for the car.  However, I was sure I could sell my car for closer to $35K.  I was really not sure whether I should list the car online and sell it privately. I was confident I would get more money, but I did not have time to figure out the complicated process. A friend mentioned Private Car Sales and I gave it a shot.  I listed my car on Kijiji but then filled out the seller form on the PCS website.  It gave me a code. I had some interested buyers off the bat, so I just sent the buyers a link to the documents. I ended up selling my car in a few weeks for $34K.  The Glovebox was super helpful – there is a lot of info in it.  Long story short, my money ended up in my pocket and not the dealer’s!